Chronic sinusitis: Tips

It can be very difficult to shake off chronic sinusitis. Many patients have recurring problems over several years following a sinus infection. Here are a few tips to help prevent chronic sinusitis or at least to lessen the symptoms of sinusitis:

  • Warm air from central heating systems dries out the lining (mucosa) of the nose that protect us from viruses and pathogens. It is therefore advisable to open the windows and properly ventilate your home, even in winter. It might also help to place wet towels on the radiators to moisten the air.
  • Be careful with decongestant nasal sprays: There is a risk that you mightget addicted to them and therefore they should only be used for short term treatment periods up to 7 days.
  • Alternative non-decongestant nasal sprays to moisten the nasal lining (mucosa) exist. These contain Dexpanthenol and can be taken for longer periods.
  • Forceful blowing of the nose pushes the mucous back into the sinuses and can worsen the sinusitis – you are therefore advised to only apply moderate pressure when cleaning your nose.
  • Alternating your shower water between hot and cold or visiting the sauna can support the natural immune system and can help to prevent a cold
  • Ensure that you take enough rest to completely overcome common colds - otherwise, you run the risk of relapses and developing chronic illness
  • Avoid stress and sleep sufficiently
  • Abstain from alcohol and cigarettes when ill
  • Studies have shown that regular training with PEP (positive expiratory pressure)-devices help to clear mucous and phlegm from the airways and to counter inflammation

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