Chronic Sinusitis - Inflammation of the sinuses

Many patients suffer from a long term sinus infection - an inflammation of the mucosa lining the nasal cavities. Chronic sinusitis is a persistent sinus infection that repetitively reoccurs over longer periods. [ more ]

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the mucosa of the sinuses of the nose. How does it arise? How do you spot sinusitis and what is chronic sinusitis? [ more ]

Diagnosis of sinusitis

The diagnosis of sinusitis is carried out in several steps which your GP will follow if you describe the corresponding symptoms. Symptoms such as yellow nasal secretions, headaches and fatigue... [ more ]

Sinusitis - Causes

Sinusitis can result following an ordinary cold due to lack of ventilation of the sinuses and disrupted flow of secretions from the sinuses to the nose. [ more ]

Sinusitis - Symptoms

The basic symptoms of chronic and acute sinusitis are the same: headaches, a blocked and congested nose, fatigue and the feeling of dizziness. [ more ]

Doctor treating Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis - Treatment

Which treatments help whith chronic sinusitis? Chronic sinusitis in particular is known to be resistant to therapy, however, taking the right measures can reduce symptoms of sinusitis considerably. [ more ]

Surgeon during sinus operation

Sinus surgery - Pros and cons

The medical history of patients with chronic sinusitis is often drawn-out and marked by frequent set-backs. Many expect a quick cure from sinus surgery. Rightly so? ... [ more ]

Pregnant woman with sinusitis

Sinusitis in pregnancy - What can be done?

Sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses) is not an uncommon result of pregnancy rhinitis. How then can the symptoms of sinusitis be treated without endangering the baby? ... [ more ]